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Chongqing Industrial Empowered Innovation Center Project Signed and Officially Unveiled

Author:admin PublishedDate:2021/4/8 15:39:33 Clicked:54

January 4, 2019, Chongqing Industrial Empowered Innovation Center Project, led by Chongqing Machinery and Electronic Holding (Group) Co., Ltd (CME), signed and officially unveiled. Mayor of Chongqing Municipal Tang Liangzhi, Deputy Mayor Wu Cunrong, Liangjiang New District Management Committee Director Duan Chenggang, Chongqing University President Zhang Zongyi, CME Chairman Wang Yuxiang, SAP Global Senior Vice President, China Region President Li Qiang and relevant principals from municipal government office,  big-data Development Bureau, Municipal Economy& Information Commission, Liangjiang Industrial Group, Liangjiang Merchants Group attended the unveiling activities.

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